problems in Algebraic number theory ریاضیات

problems in Algebraic number theory دانلود

مسائلی در نظریه جبری اعداد

Authors: Murty, M. Ram, Esmonde, Jody Indigo

This book provides a problem-oriented first course in algebraic number theory. ... The authors have done a fine job in collecting and arranging the problems. Working through them, with or without help from a teacher, will surely be a most efficient way of learning the theory. Many of the problems are fairly standard, but there are also problems of a more original type. This makes the book a useful supplementary text for anyone studying or teaching the subject. ... This book deserves many readers and users.


Algebraic number theory is a branch of number theory that uses the techniques of abstract algebra to study the integers, rational numbers, and their generalizations. Number-theoretic questions are expressed in terms of properties of algebraic objects such as algebraic number fields and their rings of integers, finite fields, and function fields. These properties, such as whether a ring admits unique factorization, the behavior of ideals, and the Galois groups of fields, can resolve questions of primary importance in number theory, like the existence of solutions to Diophantine equations.


نظریه جبری اعداد شاخه ای از نظریه اعداد است که از تکنیک های جبر مجرد برای مطالعه اعداد صحیح، اعداد گویا و تعمیمشان استفاده می کند. سؤالات نظریه اعدادی بر اساس خواص اشیاء جبری چون میدان اعداد جبری و حلقه های اعداد صحیحشان، میدان های متناهی و میدان توابع بیان می شود. چنین خواصی مثل خاصیت تجزیه یکتایی یک حلقه، رفتار ایده‌آل‌ها و گروه های گالوای میدان ها می تواند مسائل مهم نظریه اعداد چون وجود جواب برای معادلات سیاله ای را حل کند.

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